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Student Development

Under the direction of the Vice President for Student Development, this area assists students in their development as whole persons, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, socially, and physically. Student Development programs, services, and personnel make their distinctive contribution to the mission of Louisiana College by providing an environment conducive to learning, extending education beyond the classroom, and integrating the academic enterprise with personal experience. Area wide functions include housing, food services, orientation, career planning and testing, counseling, campus activities, college calendar, special events, chapel/assembly, health services, security, intramurals, academic tutoring and disability accommodations. The offices and staff members affiliated with Student Development are listed below:

Mr. Eric Johnson
Dean of Students

Ms. Mindy Boggs
Executive Assistant to the Vice President
(318) 487-7134

Ms. Jill Lingenfelter
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President
(318) 487-7388

Clay Matchett
Director of Residence Life
(318) 487-7154

K.B. Thomas
Director of Student Activities
(318) 487-7389

Ms. Bonny Elliott
Coordinator of College Calendar
(318) 487-7105

Program to Assist Student Success (PASS)
(318) 487-7629

(318) 487-7124

Ms. Carla Martin
Coordinator of Health Services
(318) 487-7750

Mr. Dwayne Rogers
Director of Safety and Security
(318) 487-7015

Mr. Shannon Lane
BCM Director
(318) 487-7498

Food Services
(318) 487-7661

The following College wide committees offer student representatives opportunities for guiding policies and procedures related to the Student Development area:

College Life and Development
Develops calendar of cultural, religious, educational, social and recreational events for the College; develops honors courses and programs; reviews policies for bookstore and library.

Student Appeals
Serves as a hearing body in adjudication of disciplinary cases appealed by students or complainants.

Student Life
Monitors, reviews, and evaluates goals and policies of Student Life and communicates with faculty, staff, and students.

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