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Division of Christian Studies

The Division of Christian Studies prepares the way for vocational Christian service by providing a strong foundation for students involved in ministry and especially for those planning to continue studies in seminary. The Division of Christian Studies is designed for students with a life-long commitment to Christian ministry. In addition to academic study focusing on biblical languages, theology, interpretation and proclamation, the division faculty offer cross cultural mission trips, trips to seminary conferences and fellowship opportunities that greatly enrich the educational experience. Partnerships with several seminaries also provide incentives to help expedite a graduate's work toward a seminary degree.

        Dr. Marvin Jones, Division Chair
        Dr. Tylitha Whatley
        Dr. Philip Caples (CV)
        Dr. Justin Langford (CV)
        Dr. Russell Meek

Defend the Faith 2016

Contact Information

Office Location: Guinn Auditorium (basement level)
Office phone number: 318.487.7254

Faculty Publications

Order Dr. Justin Langford's book Defending Hope: Semiotics and Intertextuality in 1 Peter from For more information, see Dr. Langford's faculty web page.
Order Dr. Marvin Jones' book Basil of Caesarea: His Life and Impact from For more information, see Dr. Jones' faculty web page.

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