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Chorale & Voices

In 2nd Chronicles, we read a powerful story of how singers were used to lead God’s army to battle. While Judah was surrounded by the enemy, godly ruler King  Jehoshaphat called the nation of Judah together to pray and fast for God’s help. After hearing from God and talking with the people, King Jehoshaphat appointed a choir for God dressed in holy robes. The singers marched ahead of the troops singing “Give thanks to the Lord, for his steadfast love endures forever.” The end of the story is that God defeated the enemy and God’s people rested in His faithfulness. Just like in the days of old, Louisiana College is sending a “choir for God” ahead of the army. Two ensembles that are on the frontlines are Chorale and the Voices of Louisiana College. Both groups are under the direction of LC alum, Dr. Fred Guilbert.

The LC Chorale will be traveling to South Korea during Easter break. Partnerships have been developing between South Korea and LC over the last few months and Chorale will be the first student organization to represent our college. You might ask - why are college students so willing to give up their spring break for missions?

Andy Jordan, a junior Worship Leadership major answered saying, “I enjoy seeing the effect music has on people with few similarities. Music can draw people together and Chorale has a unique opportunity to represent Christ through the text of our pieces.” Andy traveled to China this summer on a cultural exchange trip with other Louisiana College students. He also traveled with Chorale to Taiwan in 2009 and is excited about furthering the gospel in countries like South Korea.

Chorale singers will be ministering through song in schools and churches throughout their stay. Students will visit nursing homes and hospitals, sing for patients and share the testimony of God’s love through prayer and acts of service. The Voices of LC has been enjoying a busy traveling season since August. The group started in 2007 as an ensemble that sang at mostly schoolrelated functions. Today, Voices of LC ministers almost every other weekend. They were featured at the SBC in 2008 and have since been welcomed in Baptist churches all over Louisiana. They have recently been commissioned by the Louisiana Baptist Convention to record a project calling churches back to revival and a renewal of their great Southern Baptist heritage. “Voices” will premier this project at the LBC Evangelism Conference in January.

If you would like to make a financial contribution towards the LC Chorale’s mission trip to South Korea, or would like to schedule the Voices of LC at your church, you can get more information by calling the LC music department at (318) 487-7336. Please continue to pray for our troops that are forerunners in the mission
of LC to change the world for Christ.

We call it “Convergence”

LC’s Journalism and Media Communications form new department.
By Al Quartemont, Instructor of Journalism

The name is cutting edge. Convergence Media. But what is it exactly? I get asked that question a lot. I explain it this way.

For the first time this year, fans of the LC Wildcats football team had the opportunity to watch the Cats via live video streaming over the Internet– on their cell phones! An “app” for the website will let you watch LC football games live or through archive on your cellphone or mobile device. That, my friend, is Convergence Media.

I tell my students that “convergence” is the blending of “old media” like television, radio and newspaper with “new media” like the Internet and the Smartphone. And this year, convergence officially arrived at LC when we made the decision to combine the Department of Journalism with Media Communications to form the new  Convergence Media Department.

We invite you to visit to see life at LC in a whole new way. Up-to-date articles, many of which are published the same day as events take place. More photos – lots of them and in color, too. There are videos including archives of our weekly chapel services and links to Wildcats Media on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Once again, that is convergence.

We’re also very excited about a fantastic donation that was made to LC earlier this year. Our local NBC affiliate, KALB in Alexandria, decided it was time for a new news set. Their old one had to go. Fortunately, they gave it to us, and now our students have a real news set from which to anchor our “Wildcat Weekly.” On a personal note, that was the news desk I spent ten years behind before coming to LC, so I joke about it with my students that I might start teaching classes from the news desk!

TLC Dinner Theatre

Theatre Louisiana College has taken on a new face! The traditional black box theatre has been converted to accommodate dinner guests. TLC’s new dinner theatre can seat 120 guests for dining, while still allowing  over 80 general admission balcony seats. Each meal is catered buffet style and is served in an elegant setting. TLC is now performing four shows a season and is offering season tickets for dinner guests. Season ticket holders will get to enjoy all four of the roductions at the comfort of their dinner table.


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