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Vision 20-20

Since 1906, the foundation of Louisiana College has been solely in Pineville, Louisiana. The motto of the college reminds us of this simple truth,“Unchanging Foundations since 1906.” It is exactly that motto, “Unchanging Foundations”, that is the root of our current actions to share the strengths of this great institution given by the Lord Jesus to extend it’s foundation across the globe.

Louisiana College is an institution that provides a liberal arts education, however, our institution bases every discipline and art on the preeminence of the Lord Jesus, allegiance to the authority of the Holy Scriptures, dedication to academic excellence for the glory of God, and commitment to change the world for Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. These are unchanging. They are the foundation that we build everything on, fasten everything too, and sift everything through. Louisiana College is continually on mission, whether abroad or at home, its written into our foundation. These four pillars are touchstones
for excellence whether Louisiana College impacts lives of students in Tanzania, China, and our United States. Louisiana College strives to change lives that will in turn, change the world.

Louisiana College is on mission to change the world for Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit and we believe there are several ways to achieve this goal. Vision 20-20, Dr. Aguillard’s vision for LC, defines our approach.

The Great Commission Institute exists to carry out the Mission of Louisiana College by awakening and calling to action, the biblical and historical soul of Law, Government, Ministry, Culture, Media, Medicine, Academics, and the World through the mechanism of “teaching” in order to transform them into the image of Christ by the power of the Gospel. (Matt. 28:19,20)

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