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Medical Technology


1.     Christian--Reflects the mission of Louisiana College and serves as a Christian role model/compassionate health care provider to the health care profession and community at large.

2.     Competencies--Successful completion of the core liberal arts and science courses, followed by completion of the 12-month internship to meet the National Accreditation Agency Clinical Laboratory Sciences requirements.

3.     Life-long Education--Assist in creating, anticipating and responding to an evolving health care system and new responsibilities.



In the Medical Technology Program, students will learn not only how to perform diagnostic and analytic tests, but also how to interpret the resulting analysis. Upon completion of the following program of study which includes a 12-month internship in an accredited school of medical technology, Louisiana College will grant the degree of bachelor of science in medical technology.  The current internship partnership is through the Rapides Regional Medical Center, and is coordinated by Ms. Laine Reeder, Program Director Clinical Laboratory Science. 

The Medical Technology program is Bachelor of Science degree program that builds upon a 100 credit core of liberal arts and science courses.  Students demonstrate competency through a rigorous science foundation and move into the fourth and final year of the 30 credit medical technology internship as a proctored 2000 hour clinical placement experience. The National Accreditation Agency Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) mandates a 50 week (8.5 hour day) of course and clinical instruction.  This is comprised of 2 class hours and 6 lab hours of study each day during the internship.


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