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Advising for Summer & Fall 2016 will begin on March 14th. Please schedule a time with your advisor to choose your classes.

Come by our office or call if you do not know who your advisor is.

Click here for Payment Deadlines and Purge Dates

All students must pay in full and confirm their registration by the purge deadlines to complete the registration process by logging into the MyLaCollege portal and following the procedures in the "Student Check-In" window located on the Registration tab.

Note: Students who have zero or credit balances (a minus sign or "CR" indicates a credit balance) because their tuition/fees are paid by TOPS, scholarships, federal financial aid, or other credits are still required to "confirm" registration through the MyLaCollege portal by the purge date.

Failure to complete tuition/fee payment and confirm your schedule by these deadlines will result in the purge (cancellation) of your class schedule.

Official Transcripts

To request an official transcript, click here.

  • Same Day Pick Up or Faxed Transcripts: $10 Each
  • Official Transcript Mailed: $5 Each
  • Transcripts by Electronic Delivery: $5 each

Current students can print a free Unofficial Transcript from the MyLaCollege Portal.


Resources for Faculty

Grade Reports

  • Final semester grades, as well as mid-semester Absence & Deficiency grades, are distributed through the MyLaCollege website.
  • A Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be assigned to new students by the 5th week of the semester. Along with your student ID number, this PIN will allow you to access your grades. Once assigned, your PIN will be sent to your LC email address.
  • Please protect your PIN as you would any other personal identification number.
  • Please log-in to MyLaCollege to View Unofficial Transcript.