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Adrian Rogers: Reformed Theology

Order Predestined to Hell, Absolutely Not!

Dr. Joe and Judy Aguillard "For if the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, who will prepare for battle?" 1 Corinthians 14:8

This President's Pen is dedicated to making clear that trumpet sound of this President's position on where I stand in relation to leading Louisiana College.  This last year has been one of great challenges to the identity, mission, and explication of just who our beloved LC is and what she stands for.  In fact, this has been the most challenging of my eight years as President.  Looking back on a heart attack, open heart surgery, with rehab, Obamacare trying to force us to participate in abortion practices, cultural attacks, accreditation issues, economic woes, being sued over a professor's right to teach that the Holy Bible isn't true, and a fight over our College's identity with respect to Calvinism have put into place the most challenging of my eight years as President of Louisiana College.  Why, who would have thought that Louisiana College would have to sue the Federal Government to not be forced to provide abortion procedures in our health insurance for our employees!  But then, even if we stand alone, we will stand for what is right. 

On January 17, 2005, eight years ago to this day, I was interviewed for the position of President of Louisiana College, an institution that I have revered from childhood.  In that interview, I was asked questions about the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, and specifically about Article 1V.  Salvation and whether Regeneration comes before or after salvation.  My response then is the same today.  I agree with the plan of salvation as written in the BFM 2000.  For me, it is best explained by Dr. Adrian Rogers to whom I referred to that very night, three time president of the Southern Baptist Convention and Chairman of the Blue Ribbon Committee that reviewed the current BFM 2000.  As BFM 2000 Committee Chairman, Dr. Rogers said it best then and I stand upon his explication today in his message, Reformed Theology, as well as his booklet, Predestined to Hell, Absolutely Not!  This is the “certain sound” that continues to represent my position as President of Louisiana College regarding Calvinism.  My love for all Baptists including Calvinists, does not constitute our approval of its being advocated at Louisiana College.

Louisiana College is taking several bold steps this year.  We are launching a $50 million capital campaign to improve student housing, educational facilities, infrastructure and many other needed projects.  We have too long neglected much of what is essential to operate a quality institution of Christian higher learning.  As the only College owned by the Louisiana Baptist Convention, we are allowed a one time opportunity to ask the over 1500 Baptist churches to contribute to the student housing needs.  Even if we only average $140.00 per month from every church, we will make our goal over the next five years.  I am confident that our churches will stand in the gap for their College. 

In spite of adversity that faces all Christians, our College continues to thrive!  Since 2005, we have grown over 50% in enrollment, increased our budget by 70%, received over $23 Million in gifts, and begun new academic and spiritual outreaches to share Christ such as the Caskey School of Divinity and the Louisiana College Academy for Accelerated Studies (high school).  

While our challenges are structural and budgetary, they are also spiritual.  Satan would sift us like wheat if he could!  But we call on the name of Jesus to bind him and cast him off of Christ's vision for His College.  We plead the blood of Jesus over our College every day! 

Thank you for praying for your College, Louisiana College, every day!


Joe Aguillard

President, Louisiana College



Adrian Rogers: Reformed Theology

Order Predestined to Hell, Absolutely Not!

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