Department of Chemistry, Physics and Pre-Engineering


The mission of the Department of Chemistry / Physics is to provide science students with excellent preparation for their lives and ministries after graduation from Louisiana College, whether it is direct entry into the workforce, graduate school in chemistry, or medical or other professional school. We accomplish this by providing rigorous coursework containing essential content on the chemical and physical properties of matter, with instruction that emphasizes laboratory experience, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Our mission also includes courses in Chemistry and Earth Science for non-science majors which inform students of the processes of science and the application of scientific thinking to a wide variety of issues, thus preparing them to be well-informed citizens and stewards of the created realm.


The Department of Chemistry offers degrees in Chemistry or Chemistry Education that are designed to help students competitively enter the job market as chemists, teachers, or to continue their education in graduate and/or professional programs. Many students choose to attend Louisiana College and study Chemistry because of the tradition of success that our graduates have in applying to Medical or Pharmacy school.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry requires majors to gain hands-on experience in the LC labs and to complete either a research project or an internship in chemistry as part of the degree requirements. The goal of chemistry coursework is to equip students with an awareness of modern chemical technology while training them in the essential disciplines of the field.


Louisiana College’s innovative 3+2 Plan is a partnership with Louisiana Tech and offers students a unique opportunity to study engineering in a Christian liberal arts setting and earn two bachelor degrees in only five years. Students would earn a bachelors degree in either Chemistry or Math at LC in three years, and would then earn a second bachelors degree in Engineering in two years at Louisiana Tech. This pathway allows students to begin their collegiate career in an affordable, faith-based institution as they place themselves in a strong marketable position with degrees from two top institutions.

The BS degree in Chemistry or Math with a Pre-Engineering Concentration are among the most technical we offer at LC and would include introductory Engineering coursework as a part of the transition into the Engineering disciplines at Louisiana Tech.

The Engineering courses offered at LC, which have been developed in collaboration with La Tech, include Engineering Problem Solving, Circuits, Engineering Materials, Statics, and Thermodynamics.


This program is optimized for students who:

  • Have a strong aptitude (ACT scores >24) in math and science
  • Possess earned college credit hours from high school
  • Can carry a full course load each semester
  • Desire a faith-based and solid liberal arts undergraduate education