International Student Housing

On Campus

Living on campus is a once-in-a-lifetime experience at LC. Not only will you have walking-distance access to every event and community group, but you'll be able to live an grow with fellow students as you study. There are intramural sports for women and men, study skills sessions and tutorial assistance, movies, educational and religious program available for you to connect with.

All single students are required to live in college housing on a space available basis unless living with parents or legal guardian. The Louisiana College residence hall program is a part of the total educational experience available to students. Separate facilities are available for men and women, and include traditional residence hall accommodations, apartment-style units and married student apartments.

Off Campus

Even if you choose to live off campus, you can still feel like you're a part of the family. Pineville lives and breathes Louisiana College, so you'll never feel too far away.

Students who qualify to live off-campus and wish to do so should plan to arrive early in order to secure adequate accommodations. Off-campus housing is available, but students are responsible for making their own arrangements.

Additional Information

International Visa & Entry Procedures

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Admissions & Costs

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Accredited US Evaluation Service

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