Tuition, Room & Board

Fall 2020-Spring 2021

Undergraduate Programs

(Rates are per semester)

Tuition: 1-11 credit hours $547 per credit hour
12-18 credit hours $8,750 flat fee
19 or more credit hours $8,750 flat fee • $547 per
credit hour for
every, hour over 18
Audit Iltition $274 per credit hour
Senior Citizen Tuition (65 or older) $100, per credit hour
Independent Study Fee (DIS) $50 per credit hour in
addition to tuition
Course Fees: Biology Lab Courses $45 per course
Chemistry Lab Courses $60 per course
Nursing Clinical Courses $200 per course
Student Teaching Courses $150 per course
Music Lessons-Minor/Elective $95 per course
Music Lessons-Major $140 per course
EN091 $95
MA095 $75
SS100 $115
Wildcat Welcome (CC100) $100
Dormitory Rates: Double Private
Cottingham/Tudor/Church Halls $1,198 $1,797
English Village Apartments $1,478 $1,329
College Drive/Ware Street Apartments $1,651
Meal Plans: Wildcat Plan (19 meals per week; $255 Cat Cash) $1,779
Big Cat Plan (19 meals per week $205 Cat Cash) $1,729
Little Cat Plan (175 meals/sem; $180 Cat Cash) $1,672
Paw Plan. (135 meals/sem; $155 Cat Cash)
•EV/CDA/WSA residents only

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