Donor Base Growing

Donor Base Growing 

by Norm Miller

PINEVILLE, La. (LCNews)–The Board of Visitors membership is growing. Individual donations are on the rise in volume and amount. And in general, Louisiana College’s donor base is growing.

“As the turnaround at Louisiana College continues since 2015, alumni, donors, and friends are getting on board — and some back on board — with the new direction on the Hill in Pineville,” said LC President Dr. Rick Brewer. “We appreciate the return of so many prayer partners and financial supporters.”

The College recently received a substantial gift from the Cason Foundation, and within two weeks, the Foundation doubled the gift, Brewer said.“Words fall short in expressing how grateful we are for the open-handed generosity of Edgar and Flo Cason.”

“We’ve heard about the good things happening at Louisiana College,” Flo Cason said. “And when we met with Rick and Cathy, Edgar and I were convinced that LC is in the very best of hands.”

Edgar Cason told LCNews: “Our consideration for Louisiana College is two-fold: We fully endorse the College’s Vision for Preparing Graduates and Transforming Lives as we wholeheartedly support the leadership of President Rick Brewer and his Leadership Team.

Though such financial consideration of LC “is important and appreciated, I am also equally gratified that increasing numbers of our stakeholders and friends in the region endorse and support what we are attempting to accomplish at Louisiana College,” Brewer said.

Brewer noted that the Board of Visitors he launched in 2015 has grown to 187 members who contribute almost $250K annually in direct tuition support for students.

The recently established 2020 campaign seeks 20 donors who will commit to giving $20K by the year 2020. Brewer said eight already have joined.

Exclusive of the Cason gift, recent donations to LC came in amounts of $100K, $50K, $20K, and $10K.

“We are privileged to have friends like the Casons and so many more,” Brewer said. “Offering a college education is not something we can accomplish in a vacuum. We need and appreciate all the financial and prayer support we receive from an ever-broadening base.”

Brewer said he is “deeply appreciative of those who tell us they love and support Louisiana College, and pray for us, too. We value these affirmations. But when people step up and give of their means so generously and sacrificially, we are humbled as well as encouraged that the College is headed back in the right direction.”


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