Dr. Julie Driessen

Associate Professor, Division of Language and Literature; Director of Writing Center

(318) 487-7220

About Dr. Julie Driessen

Julie L. Driessen specializes in twentieth-century French literature, focusing on Jean-Paul Sartre, the French New Novelists, Reader-response theory, and the autobiography. She is a member of the Modern Language Association and the American Association of Teachers of French. In 2005 she received her Ph.D. in French literature from Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge. Her post-doctoral studies include coursework in English literature, taking such courses as American Realism and Naturalism, 18th Century English Literature, Literary Theory and Criticism, and American Expatriate Literature.

Dr. Driessen teaches both English and French courses, including Developmental English, English Composition 101 & 102, as well as Technical Writing.  She teaches French Language 101, Survey of French Literature, French Conversation, Studies in Francophone Literature, and French Poetry. French 101 Online and French 19th-20th Century Poetry Online are new additions to her teaching repertoire.


  • Ph.D. Louisiana State University
  • M.A. Louisiana State University
  • B.A. Louisiana State University

Academic Programs

  • BA English
  • BA French