Dr. Mark Janzen

Dr. Mark Janzen

Assistant Professor of History


About Dr. Mark Janzen

Dr. Janzen has loved history for as long as he can remember, particularly ancient history and biblical history. He received a B.A. in Biblical Languages from Central Bible College and then an M.A. in Archaeology and Semitic Languages from Trinity Evangel Divinity School. He earned his PhD from the University of Memphis in Egyptology in 2013. His dissertation, The Iconography of Humiliation examined the depiction and treatment of prisoners of war during Egypt’s empire period. His research interests include Egyptian history and culture, Egyptian epigraphy, the historicity of the Exodus, and the intersection of archaeology and biblical studies.

Dr. Janzen conducts fieldwork in Egyptian epigraphy at Karnak Temple, the largest temple from the ancient world.  At LC, he teaches various history courses and hopes to inspire his students to see the many benefits of studying history. Dr. Janzen hopes to spark their interest in historical texts and other primary sources as valuable founts of information not only of the past but also of the human condition.

He also desires to use his knowledge of ancient history to help students contextualize the Bible, particularly the Old Testament.

Dr. Janzen and his wife, Jenna, live in Pineville with their 3 daughters, Avery, McKenna, and Reagan.


  • PhD, History, The University of Memphis
  • MA, Archaeology and Semitic Languages, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • BA, Biblical Languages, Central Bible College

Academic Programs

  • BA in History
  • Ba Social Studies Education