At Louisiana College, every gift and every giver matter. Every gift helps enhance quality academics in a Christian environment. The Honor Roll of Investors is reported each Spring for gifts received in the previous calendar year. Giving opportunities exist for every level of gift.


Office of Advancement

Dr. Will Smallwood

Executive Vice President


Voices of Louisiana College

LC Annual Fund

Gifts to the annual fund are unrestricted and help bridge the gap between the tuition students pay and the actual operating costs of the College, including student scholarships and the cost of instructional materials.

LC Library

If you would like to make a gift or donation to the LC Library, please complete this form.

Alumni Phone-A-Thon

Students make phone calls to alumni at various times during the year and solicit unrestricted gifts for the LC Annual Fund.

Endowed Scholarships

Donors wishing to honor a named individual or group can begin an endowed scholarship. Endowed scholarships benefit LC by providing stable and predictable income for student scholarships.

Planned Gifts

Common forms of "planned gifts" include gifts to LC through a Bequest in a Will, a Charitable Remainder Trust, a Wealth Replacement Trust, a Charitable Lead Trust, or a Charitable Gift Annuity that pays a person income during their lifetime.

Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts are often made to LC following the death of a friend or loved one. Memorial gifts can be restricted to a particular project or scholarship or can be unrestricted.

Endowment Giving

Endowment funds can be established to fund a variety of needs. Examples include academic programs, professorships, student programs, building operation, technology, landscaping, or library materials. Contact the Office of Institutional Advancement to discuss opportunities for endowment gifts.

What to Give

Gifts of Cash

The simplest way to give is through a cash gift. Cash gifts must be deducted in the year of donation and are deductible up to 50% of your adjusted gross income.

Gifts of Real Estate

Property that you own outright and has appreciated in value can provide you significant benefits. You can deduct the fair market value of your gift, avoid all capital gains taxes and remove the property from your taxable estate. A gift to LC of a Life Estate interest in the property will allow you to retain use of the property and also get a taxable deduction. Contact the Office of Institutional Advancement if you wish to make a donation of real estate.

Gifts of Stocks and Other Securities

The best stocks to donate are those that have increased in value. Contact the Office of Institutional Advancement if you wish to make a donation of securities.

Gifts of Retirement Plan Assets

You can give assets from your retirement plan to LC and prevent them from significant reductions from taxes at your death. Contact the Office of Institutional Advancement if you wish to make a donation of retirement plan assets.

Gifts of Life Insurance

You can donate a life insurance policy to LC or name LC as the beneficiary. Contact the Office of Institutional Advancement if you wish to make a donation of life insurance.


Methods of Giving

School of Nursing and Allied Health

Bequest in a Will

Leave a legacy to LC by making a gift in your Will. A bequest is one of the simplest ways to remember those you care about most. Assets such as cash, securities, or real estate are among those appropriate for bequests.

Retained Life Estate

A valued possession, such as a home, farm, or vacation property, can become a valued gift to LC. The best part is that you or your loved ones can continue to live there and receive a current income tax deduction. If the gift is made on an irrevocable basis, the donor qualifies for an immediate tax deduction based on the present value of the remainder interest in the property.

Charitable Gift Annuity

Donate assets, usually cash, to LC in exchange for a contract to pay you an annuity for the remainder of your life, or for a certain period of years. In addition, you receive a current tax deduction and reduce the size of your estate at death. There are many variables to this important planning technique.

Charitable Lead Trust

Lead Trusts are powerful vehicles to assist charities such as LC, gain a current tax benefit and then pass property along to future generations while minimizing estate or other transfer taxes. The donor can transfer the income interest in an income producing asset, such as a farm, timberland, or stock portfolio, to LC for a period of time and have the asset returned to them or passed along to heirs. LC would benefit from the income generated by the asset during the term of the Trust.

Charitable Remainder Trust

You can donate assets of various types to LC through a Charitable Remainder Trust and accomplish a number of your objectives. This is a highly flexible giving technique and, under the right circumstances, can increase your income, reduce your taxes, unlock appreciated assets, and rid you of investment worries about your property.

Wealth Replacement Trust

The Wealth Replacement Trust allows you to make a sizeable current gift to LC but not reduce the size of your estate that passes to your family at your death. How? This sort of plan uses life insurance, purchased by the donor, to replace the asset donated to LC. This is a technique frequently used by wealthy individuals to help both LC and their families.

General Fund

Donating to the general fund gives Louisiana College the flexibility to apply your donation where it's needed most!

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Alumni House

Drs. Robert and Bonnie Lynn Alumni Center Campaign

Louisiana College has seen many changes through the years, but the bond of classmates — now alumni — grows more valuable each year. Your donation will help with overdue upgrades to the Lynn Alumni Center, which serves as the home of Advancement and Alumni Affairs.


Wildcat Club

Before you click the DONATE button below, click the LC logo directly above to find and complete the required form. When you complete and submit that form, you will automatically return to this page to complete your donation by clicking the DONATE button.

2020 Campaign

Help us reach 1500 students by 2020.


Endowed Scholarships

Residence Life

A gift of $1,000 or more will qualify to establish a scholarship endowment fund. Endowed scholarships are not considered fully funded until the corpus reaches $10,000. Endowed scholarships require an agreement between the College and the donors.

Contact Information

Contact the Office of Institutional Advancement if you would like to invest in the future of students through an endowed scholarship.

Karen Watkins
(318) 487-7406


Cavanaugh Campaign

Your assistance will help with overdue upgrades to a facility that will continue its heritage of launching hundreds of successful careers. Thank you.

Board of Visitors

Board of Visitors members provide scholarships that wholly and solely support qualified students.


In Memoriam

If giving in memory of a non-family member and you want the bereaved person(s) to be notified of your gift, please send the appropriate contact information to the Office of Advancement.