Louisiana College remains closed for classes through Wednesday, Sept. 2. Essential employees will report to the campus Monday as assigned.
College officials are monitoring the situation and will provide an update regarding the status and continuation of classes beyond Sept. 2. Due to widespread power outages remote coursework will be suspended until further notice. Deadlines for work will also be extended, and classes will be made up virtually; however, students will not have to livestream any make-up lectures as they be can viewed on one’s own time.
The College’s Residential Halls remain open only for students who could not evacuate. Residential students will be advised when the campus will be fully operational to allow all residential students to return to campus.
All members of the Louisiana College “family” are encouraged to check emails, texts, Wildcat Alerts, LC website, and LC social media for frequent updates and information.
The College is grateful for the prayer support of our extended college “family” during the challenging days. We ask for prayers for faculty, staff, and students who are dealing with significant damage to personal property.