Louisiana College

We believe that all people should be treated with dignity, grace, and holy love, whatever their sexual beliefs.

Sexuality is one of the ways by which the marriage covenant between a husband and a wife is sealed and expressed. Marriage is God’s unique gift to reveal the union between Christ and His church and to provide for the man and the woman in marriage in the fr amework for intimate companionship, the channel of sexual expression according to biblical standards, and the means for procreation of humans .

It is important to note that Christian teaching on marriage and sexuality is in the narrative of all Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. Marriage, gender and sexuality are not just appendages tacked onto Scripture but are icons of the Gospel and human flourishing (Matthew 19:4 - 6; Ephesians 5:22 - 33; Hebrews 13:4).

Sex misses its purpose when treated as an end or w hen cheapened by using another person to satisfy pornographic and sinful sexual interests. We view all forms of sexual intimacy that occur outside the covenant of heterosexual marriage, even when consensual, as distortions of the holiness and beauty God in tended for it.

Therefore, we support the sanctity of marriage (Ephesians 5, Hebrews 13:4). We define marriage as being a covenant between one man and one woman (Gen. 2:21 - 24; Matt. 19:4 - 5). We believe in honoring the holy sexual union within the context o f that covenant (Hebrews 13:4).

Believing that God redeems and restores through life in Christ, we walk alongside those that are seeking to overcome sexual sin (Romans 6 - 8; Galatians 6:2). As followers of Christ, we turn from sexual immorality in its many forms including but not limited to: pornography, pre - marital sexual relations, adultery, and same sex romantic intimacy and/or sexual relations. We come alongside those experiencing same sex attractions who choose to honor Christ by not pursuing those attr actions, just as we come alongside all individuals who seek to live in purity before the Lord (Col. 3:5; Gal. 5:19 - 21; Rom. 1:21 - 27; 1 Cor. 6:9 - 10).

We believe we are created by God in His image as two distinct sexes: male and female (Gen. 1:26 - 28; Matt. 19:4 - 5). We believe that each person glorifies God and affirms His infinite holiness and wisdom by living in alignment with his or her birth sex.

While we acknowledge there may be confusion and brokenness for some individuals in this area, we do not affirm or support transgender identity or expression. Instead, we place our faith and trust in God's redemptive plan.