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Endowed Scholarship List

Louisiana College is grateful for those who support our students through various means, including endowed scholarships.  Some of these endowed scholarships originated with donors many decades ago.  As such, the College remains unaware of the contact information of some of these donors.

That’s where we need your help.  Below is a list of names associated with endowed scholarships. If you have any information of anyone on the list, then scroll to the bottom of this page to see a short, fillable, confidential form you can easily submit.

Thank you for helping Louisiana College with this vital part of our ministry to the students God has entrusted to us.



Alexandria Credit Bureau

L. & R. Adams



Billy & Jimmy Bolton

St. Clair & Annie W. Bower

Bob Brian

W. & Elaine Brister

Jerry Oliver Brosset

Mary Bolton Brown

Allen & Doris Buckley

Carry Lee Bullard



Elton & Clarene Carson

Edgar & Kate Carter

Arthur L. & Mary W. Casselman

Catahoula Heritage Foundation

Class of 1990

Class of 1995

Class of 1997

Herbert & Gaynelle Coates

Fred Baxter Colvin 

Ida Patton Colvin

Thomas H. Colvin

Bess Cook 

Janice M. Cook 

Louise C. Cook 

F.L. & G.H. Kelly-Corser

Bill Cotton

Buford & Helen Curtis



Leslie DeMoss

B.E. Doughty



J.R. & Lena Woodard Edwards

Ellen Estes

Martha & Rowena Ezell




Faculty Women’s Club

A.V. & Irma Farr


Gloria Ruth Ford

Bernard Franklin 

Inez Furniss

Jennie Trisler Furr



David L. George

Greenacres Baptist Church, Monroe

Claude & Anne Gulley

Fred & Melanie Gerlack



Jarrott M. Hankins

Euna Harrell 

Orval Harris

Robert & Annie Harris

Luther B. Harrison

Ernestine S. Haynes

T.V. Herndon

Carroll O. Hill

Richard Hill 

Ethel Holloman

Leon & Mary B. Holmes

Helen J. Hortman

Clyde & Wilma Hoyt

Lester Hoyt

Matthew Hughes

Onie Humphries



Albert Neill Jackson, Jr.

Chester & Avis Johnson



Jonathan M. Kelly

Kendrick Trust Fund

John & Mattie Kitchingham

Joyce Hogan Kollasch



Felice B. Lane 

Alicia Lauret

Avery Lee

A. Lee



Dr. MacArthur/Lions Club

Dr. Lyman Magee

Ann Mallette

Maplewood Baptist Church

Leo Marler

A.S. McCain

Rodney McCann

Annie V. McClellan

Reba R. McGraw

J.S. McIver 

B.L. & Lillian Mcllveene

H.P. Melton

Joe & Dessie Mixon

Robert & Mable Moss

Margaret K. Mounce

Thelma B. Mount 



Neal-Young/ Reader's Digest Foundation

Allen & Dovie Nixon

Larry Nixon

Henry & Annie Norsworthy



Howard & Marguerite S. Orr



Miller & Parsons

Robert W. Poole

A.B. & Ruby Porter

Clifford A Powell

Wendell H. Prudhomme

Loyd Puckitt

Robert & Vida Pumpelly

Mary & Stuart Purser

Jyothi M. Puvvada



Charles & Gladys Rankin

J.G. & Annie Golson Ray

Ellender Ridge

George Ritchey

James F. & Lucy G. Roberts

James "Lefty" Robertson 

Sam & Alice Rushing

Bill & Janie Ryder



Ada Sanders

Norma Sanders

Pannal Sanders

Maris Sanderson

Marcia Shaffer

Linda Sleeth

B.F. Smith

D.D. Smothers 

Earnest Spurlock

Frank & Evelyn Stagg

Nellie Strother

Joy Sullivan

Margaret Surles



Henry Taliaferro

Vernon & Sidney Tanner

A.D. Taylor, Jr. 

Joyce M. Thibodeaux



Artie Varnado 



L. & B. Wallace

Andrew Wells

Velda M. Williams

W.A. Woolman

Ora L.F. Wright



Kermit L. Youngblood

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