Honoring LC Alum WC Fields | Louisiana College

Honoring LC Alum WC Fields

Louisiana College has distinguished itself through the decades for many reasons, one of which is the manner in which alumni rise to levels of service and leadership that advance the Kingdom of God and bring glory to him.

WC Fields was just such an alumnus in his public relations role for the Southern Baptist Convention's Executive Committee from 1959-1987.

The passing of Mr. Fields on December 3 brings sorrow for the loss of such a servant but evokes the deepest sense of gratitude for the exemplary legacy he leaves.

Louisiana College continues in its efforts of Preparing Graduates and Transforming Lives. And WC Fields will remain as one who illustrates the success of such a vision.

- Dr. Rick Brewer, President.


To read more about Mr. Fields, please read this story published by Baptist Press.