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LC matches military scholarship

At the Oct. 24 press conference, several National Guardsmen bookended civilians, who are (left to right) Norm Miller, vice president for communications and integrative marketing; Pineville Mayor Clarence Fields; Dr. Rick Brewer, president; Major General Glenn H. Curtis, Adjutant, Commander of Louisiana National Guard; and Fred Holt, vice president for enrollment. Photo, Melinda Martinez, The Town Talk.


by Norm Miller

Louisiana College will match up to $4500 in annual tuition assistance, matching federal tuition assistance available for the Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, and Coast Guard reserve forces.

“It is virtually impossible to offer sufficient gratitude to those who answer the call of their fellow citizens with such depth of commitment,” LC President Dr. Rick Brewer said in an October 24 press conference. “But is not impossible for Louisiana College to demonstrate its thankfulness for the constant blessing our military service personnel willingly provide.”

Brewer said that when military personnel exercise their Constitutional duty, they “provide the protection for us to exercise our Constitutional freedom.”

“Such freedom includes the opportunity to offer and experience a quality education because there are those who are willing to stand so sacrificially on our behalf,” he added.

“Thank you for being so generous,” said Major General Glenn H. Curtis, Adjutant, who is commander of the Louisiana National Guard. “Thank you for another positive step for our young men and women who are willing to wear the uniform and defend our great nation.”

“We answer the call when our nation and state calls, but inside that we need quality leaders. And what Louisiana College does helps us produce people who can lead and think through significant problems,” Curtis said. “The significance of educating our young men and women is monumental because since 9/11, we have deployed more than 20,000 Louisiana Guardsmen in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and other parts of the world fighting in this war on terror.”

Pineville Mayor Clarence R. Fields said, “It’s pretty exciting for us in the city of Pineville and also in this region to see two partners coming together from the standpoint of education.”

Fields noted the combined “human impact” that the Guard and Louisiana College make in their respective roles.

“We commend both of them for the path they are taking that will impact the Louisiana National Guard with the opportunity to get an education and at the same time enhancing our community,” he said.

LC alumnus and Vice President for Enrollment Management Fred Holt, who is also retired from the US Army, recounted aspects of his years of service in military intelligence, including his “time serving with Guard members. They are some of the finest men and women I’ve ever served with.”

The tuition assistance “is a way for Louisiana College to say thank you and give back to our Guard and Reserve members,” Holt said.

Honoring a military tradition, Holt gave Curtis a “challenge coin,” which is a memento of personal significance.

“In all fairness, I’m going to coin you back,” Curtis told Holt as he handed Holt his own coin.

“While we know what this word ‘reserve’ means in its proper context, it is somewhat a misnomer because those who are willing to stand and fight - and sometimes die for their country and fellow citizens - have nothing left in reserve,” Brewer said.  “They give their all, day-in and day-out.

“By comparison, our scholarship offer pales before those who give so much for so many at such great cost. Nonetheless, we deem it a privilege and a duty to give whatever we can to help reduce the educational costs of these great patriots.”