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Shelby Bergeron: An example to follow


Shelby Bergeron was one of six students to deliver remarks at our 2019 Commencement. Below are those remarks. Then see the link below this story to learn more about this scholar-athlete, this ALL-AMERICAN of whom we are so proud.


I realized Louisiana College was special the moment I stepped foot on campus. I knew this was the place God wanted me to be. The school reverberates positivity, and Louisiana College is a place I am proud to call my home.

Academically, LC helped me become a business professional. Having professors and academic advisors who go above and beyond to ensure my success inside and outside of the classroom has meant the world to me. Dr. Adena LeJeune (my “school mom” as I call her) ensured that I prepared academically for whatever lies ahead and helped me reach other professionals for job leads. Her servant attitude is extremely admirable, and she does not choose to do this because it is her job; she chooses to help her students because it is what God has called her to do.

I have learned much more from her than the basics of accounting; I have learned how to put others before myself. Dr. LeJeune is a prime example of what it looks like to reflect the light of Christ, and her selflessness is something that I hope to carry with me throughout my career.

Spiritually, I can attest to God moving mountains. There are so many people that I have seen surrender their life to Christ because of this college. The biggest impacts I have seen are the relationships that people create amongst one another that truly show the love of Christ, and it is shown in so many different ways: it’s strangers inviting you to their church or Bible study, it’s teammates picking each other up when a game or the season doesn’t right, it’s leaders in our school and community helping students succeed regardless of any learning disabilities or financial struggles they face.

I want to thank God for bringing me to LC, and for my family and friends who have constantly supported me throughout my academic and softball career, and my teammates and coaches who I will never forget, and for Dr. Brewer and all the other professors and faculty who care so deeply about students’ success.

This school has opened my eyes to where my identity truly lies, and that is in God alone. As the world is constantly evolving, I encourage everyone to remember that Jesus is the one constant thing in our lives. Thank you, Louisiana College, for being my saving grace. I will never forget the memories I have made here.

Shelby Bergeron
Business/Accounting major
Class of 2019