Taking Title IX Seriously | Louisiana College

Taking Title IX Seriously

The following letter and Title IX information was emailed to all students a few days before Spring Break in March 2019.

The letter itself was printed as a poster and was distributed and posted campus wide during that same time frame.


Dear Students:

With Spring Break just a few weeks away, your Louisiana College leadership believe a reminder about personal safety is in order.  While on campus or at home, your security may be more easily maintained, but if you plan to travel during Spring Break, you need to be aware of the increased risks for violent crime.

For a vast number of college students in the US, Spring Break presents opportunities to be away from supervisory authorities.  The Internet is replete with studies and statistics about how the temporary freedoms of Spring Break encourage a significant increase in various irresponsible and even dangerous activities and behaviors.

Others in your life can do only so much to help you stay safe, and Louisiana College attempts to help in that regard with 24/7/365 security personnel on campus, strategically placed cameras, and policies that regulate when, where, and for how long students may gather in permissible areas.  Nonetheless, your safety also depends upon the personal responsibility you must exercise for your own security and well-being.

It is always good to be familiar with your Louisiana College Student Handbook. Below you will find an excerpt of the Student Handbook as it relates to TITLE IX.  You are strongly encouraged to read the information and respond accordingly whether precautionary or investigatory.

If you have any questions about what you have read thus far or what you will read in the info that follows, please contact any of the persons whose contact information concludes this document.


Thank you,


Dr. Rick Brewer, President