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The Beall Documents

Members of the family of Louisiana College principal founder, W.C. Beall, donated to the college’s library important historical documents on April 12 in Granberry Conference Center.

Included were Civil War era letters written by Beall’s father, W.T. Beall, a Confederate infantryman who died in service. He did not return from the war to see his infant child.

The elder Beall wrote a series of letters to his wife Rebecca -- known as Big Grandma -- while at war which are described by family members as “unusual for that period and quite eloquent.”

Also conveyed was Rebecca’s Bible.

“Louisiana College owes a significant debt of gratitude to the Bealls, who helped found this institution in Pineville, and to their progeny who are enriching our library resources by donating these treasured keepsakes,” said Dr. Rick Brewer, president of Louisiana College.

“In a region of our country where Civil War events transpired, we are exceptionally blessed and privileged to receive these prizes of the past that will help instruct students today and tomorrow,” he said. “Our thanks go out to all who had a hand in this generous contribution.”