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    Event: Conscious Dreamers

     A celebration of African American authors from the 1770s to the present.

     This event is designed and led by a diverse group of LC students.

     It will feature multimedia presentations with theatrical elements.

     Free and Open to the Public









    Dr. Fred Luter, Chapel Speaker


     Dr. Fred Luter is LC's guest speaker for the Feb. 23 Chapel Service, which will be a live
     WEBCAST at 11 a.m.

     Dr. Luter is pastor of the Franklin Street Baptist Church in New Orleans.

     He was elected in 2012 as the Southern Baptist Convention's first African American
     president, and he serve two consectuive, one-year terms.
     Dr. Luter remains in demand as a preacher for conferences and revials across the United

     The public is invited to attend.  Arrive early to LC's Martin Performing Arts Center.
     Chapel beings at 11 a.m.