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Frequently Asked Questions

Louisiana College is ranked 4th in the 25 most affordable colleges and universities in the South in 2017 by Christian Universities Online.

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All charges are per resident
Cottingham, Tudor, & Church Hall:
Double - $1,141
Private - $1,712

English Village:
2 person apartment - $1,407
4 person apartment - $1,334
6 person apartment - $1,266

College Drive/Ware Street Apartments:

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Students may purchase personal property insurance, here.

All residents must have a meal plan unless there is a medical issue that requires the resident to eat a specific diet. If this is the case, then the resident must fill out a meal exemption form and provide a Doctor’s note explaining the medical issue.

If you meet these any of these requirements, then you are eligible to live off campus.

  1. Enrolled for less than 12 hours during a fall or spring semester and will not add additional hours of study to his//her schedule before the final date of registration.
  2. Has completed six semesters of residence hall living at Louisiana College.
  3. Is at least 21 years of age by the final day of registration.
  4. Lives locally, within a fifty-mile radius of campus, with a parent or guardian.
  5. Married and/or has legal guardianship of a minor by custody.

The request to live off campus must be approved by the Director of Residence Life.

Yes, Louisiana College accepts TOPS. The student must be an LA resident and file FAFSA by July 1. Must have completed core academic units, as established by the state of LA, with a 2.5+ GPA. *We anticipate the State of Louisiana will confirm final allocations by mid-June.

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A $25 application fee is required to complete the online application. You will be redirected to the payment portal where you will be required to use a debit or credit card to complete payment of the application fee.

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81-acre campus with a total of twenty-five academic and residential buildings

Pineville, Louisiana, just across the Red River from Alexandria in Central Louisiana

Louisiana College accepts applications for admission from students of accredited secondary schools and students transferring from accredited colleges without regard to race, sex, color, handicap, age, creed or national origin. Also, special criteria have been established to receive applications from students from unaccredited high schools and non-graduates of high school.