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Student Orientation Staff

The Student Orientation Staff (SOS) is a group of enthusiastic and responsible undergraduate students who are selected and trained extensively to assist with student orientation programs such as FROSH Days and Wildcat Welcome Week. In this capacity, they serve as resources for new students and their parents; they also help staff with planning and implementation of these programs. SOS serve as a valuable addition to the College.

The Student Orientation Staff are selected through an application process each spring. Candidates go through extensive interviews and workshops for the purpose of choosing and training the most talented students to fill the SOS positions. Applications are available in the Student Center and advertised around campus.


The purpose of the Ambassadors is to assist the Admissions Office in the recruitment of new students to Louisiana College, and to assist the Office of Student Development in integrating new students into the campus community. The Ambassadors assist with the planning and implementation of FROSH Days (the Summer Orientation Program), campus tours, and Preview Days, as well as correspond with prospective students. The Ambassadors also assist with Wildcat Welcome Week and the College Connection 100 course. The Ambassadors are selected by application and interview by a committee.